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Elliott Reid (M.Ost)

Osteopath, Personal Trainer & Director

From an early age, Elliott (Clinic Lead and owner) has held a deep-rooted interest in sports, fitness and the human body. This began with taking part in boxing and weightlifting. As an inquisitive thinker, he wished to know more about the mechanisms which allow the human body to perform such tasks leading, inevitably, to a career in Osteopathy.

This interest developed into a passion which has seen him open a private practice aiming to debunk common myths, driving both the fitness and physical therapy industries forward. Elliott spends much of his free time researching the latest advancements in treatment techniques. This knowledge is then applied to provide Osteopathic treatment as effectively as possible, speeding patient recovery. As well as the general public, Elliott’s client portfolio includes the world’s leading strongmen, powerlifters and semi-professional footballers.e

Applying his research, knowledge and experience of the human body into strength and conditioning, he provides Personal Training which is highly specific to the client. In his words,

“I take out the gimmicks seen in many training regimes and implement research and information from industry leaders to progress my clients towards their individual goals…”

Furthermore, Elliott has been practising sports massage for 5 years and prides himself on being able to find the source of the patient’s discomfort as well as providing a high level of customer service. During the treatment both the oil and massage table are heated whilst refreshments are provided on completion of the massage.

Whether it’s physical therapy, personal training or sports massage that is needed, Elliott is able to combine individuality, science and experience to provide an effective and enjoyable service.


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