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Billi Bliss (M.Ost)

Osteopath and Sports Massage Therapist

Billi is a human and canine Osteopath, and a sports massage therapist. Billi comes from a sporting background, with the most part of earlier life partaking in competitive swimming and synchronised swimming, competing at both county and national level. Training as part of a team has given her a like-mindedness of how sports driven minds work which has allowed her a greater insight into how people like to be managed and treated; which is reflected in the happiness and progression of her patients.

From her studies, at the European school of osteopathy, and past sporting experience, Billi has already gained an awareness of how sports can affect the body, causing extra demand. Her sports massage aims to free tight muscles to allow for better range of movement and increase potential sporting performance. Her progressing knowledge of stretch and strength training also allows her to give advice to patients on how they can help with their treatment.

Treatment is not only focused on sports patients but anybody that is in pain or needs help with improving mobility or their wellbeing: “The great thing about osteopathy is that it seems like anyone can be helped in one way or the other. It can be totally holistic or very specific in some cases. Its exciting each day to go into clinic and to see different people with different problems and to try and help them. Its lovely when your clients are so thankful to you for helping them with their pain and getting back to their lives.”

Billi also has a love for animals and is passionate about their health and care. She has a diploma in animal management and has extended her education further and is now also a canine Osteopath. This allows her to help animals in the same way that humans can benefit from osteopathy.

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