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Social Media is Ruining Your Mental Health


Hey, let me run something by you. And if you find this interesting, share with your friends and tell me what they think
Flash back to being at school in the 90s. You Know 3 kids really well (your best friends), 30 kids kinda well (class mates) and 100 or so kids a little (your year)
It is so easy to be the best at something; the fastest, the best fighter, the best looking, the sharpest wit, the musician, the maths genius etc.
It is so easy to have an identity
Now we are connected visually, audibly, conversationally with thousands of individuals. We are connected to everyone in the world by about 3.9 degrees of separation online
Compare this to 200,000 years ago when humans stopped evolving. We may have seen 100 people in our entire lifetime
In short, we are not meant to deal for this many social interactions. It robs us of our perceived uniqueness, it makes us feel inadequate (not rightly so). So how do we deal? Just like the gram filters your “imperfections”, we must filter the much larger imperfections of social media
Even the CEOs of the social media companies you love do not expose their children to excessive amounts of content on social media
If you find yourself comparing yourself to social media, question who you actually know in the real world who could measure up to your held qualities… not many
Limit the people you follow to the people that help you grow as a person. Those constantly flossing, boasting etc. are not helping you to grow
And remember, we’re always here for a chat. Mental health issues are on the rise and we must remove the stigma. Message us to organise your free over the phone consultation

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