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Thank you so much for clicking through. I’ll be very to the point in explaining my mission. It comes from incredible frustration as to the lack of consistency and effectiveness of clinical practice. We see so many patients who come to us as a final push of hope after seeing many clinicians before (allopathic, chiropractic and osteopathic) and it provides me with so much frustration when I hear that they have never been empowered to care for their own injury, they have no clear understanding of their pain and have been given no progressive rehabilitation to progressively help them.

The research is clear; we cannot encourage our patients to be passive. We cannot simply treat their pain away. We must treat effectively whilst simultaneously improving our patient’s tolerance to the environment that they currently find as a cause of their pain. This is psychological tolerance, physiological and physical tolerance.

Prospective patients essentially do not know what they’re getting themselves into when they book in with an unknown clinician however we’re on a mission to change this.

We have already created a brand of knowledgeable, research based pain clinicians who are extremely goal orientated in their approach to patient rehabilitation. We are hungry to help our patients every way that we can, learning aggressively to conquer boundaries that are presented to us.

But we won’t stop with patient outcomes. Multiple clinics need leaders to continuously drive Revitalize towards excellence, inspiring excellence in other clinicians, hunting for ways that we can improve our practice and I hope this will be you.


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I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you all the best in your application. If you’re not successful today, I assure you I will hold onto your application for future opportunities

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