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Nicole | The Firewoman who had to skip before she could Run


Have you ever noticed that kids won’t eat something with a face but they will eat chicken nuggets? Pain is very similar
Nicole for example couldn’t run. She’s a firefighter, she needs to run. But shin splits were stopping her. This is where the deep tendons of the calf become very tight and inflamed, but most importantly sensitised to running. She couldn’t run without debilitating pain. So just like a chicken thigh to chicken nuggets; we turned running into skipping and interval runs (sprints)
Very similar load but different experience. Pain was a minimum but it wasn’t deemed as threatening
We then progressed to plate hops and glute bridges to help distribute the power needed to propel herself forward over the entire leg rather than just the muscles of the calf.
She is now running over a mile pain free and doing fantastically well

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