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Written by Elliott, founder of the Revitalize Clinic

When Iulia first came on board as a team member at Revitalize, I for sure had my questions.

  • How does herbal medicine compare to pharmaceutical drugs?
  • How is it tested?
  • Does it work?

Iulia quickly explained that just as pharmaceutical companies test drugs, Medical Herbalists test herbs. The ones that work, they use. The ones that don’t, they ditch. It’s that simple.

Over the previous year or so, I’ve seen Iulia treat:

  • Chronic Eczema
  • Sinusitis
  • Auto-immune conditions
  • Psoriasis etc.

It is staggering. And I know what you’re thinking

Will it work for me?

That’s why I beg you, please, book a free consultation. A conversation with Iulia literally has the potential to change your life. The consultation is free and all you need to do is input the information below with a short description of your symptoms

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And just to put your mind at ease; here are some testimonials

Darren’s skin condition¬†eradicated with one Treatment from Iulia


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