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Elliott Speaks to Gravesend Grammar School on Stress Management

Stoic Philosophy is my strongest pillar when it comes to mental stability. At times of performance anxiety when I was boxing it enabled me to become fearless. When opening and expanding Revitalize, it enabled me to keep to a rational and productive path.
The world of a 16 year old is a lot smaller than most adult’s. I think this amplifies what they are going through. It was my pleasure to share with Gravesend Grammar the metaphor of the bowman which has helped me immeasurably. It is a key metaphor in Stoic philosophy and closely resembles cognitive behavioural therapy. It is simply a strategy for understanding our world
The bowman is in control all the way up until the moment the arrow leaves his bow. This emphasises preparedness. It is important to put in the work to execute control over our minds, our trade and our specialities.
But the moment the arrow leaves, he has surrendered control. And for what we cannot control, we have no right to accept responsibility
This metaphor beautifully illustrates to me where my focus should be and where it shouldn’t be
Crush the interview and don’t take the results to heart. It is just feedback
Ask the person out on a date and don’t fear the answer. It is just a reflection of who they are
Open the business and let the market tell you if you’re aiming straight. It’s just a feel out period
Don’t internalise the perception of others or the reactions of the environment to what you’re trying to achieve. You have no right to
If this resonates with you and you feel like you could use a little help then book in a free consultation with our counsellor, Victoria. It is one of the best things I have ever done

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