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Core Activation for Back Pain | Elliott Demonstrates

Back pain has a huge correlation with an under-active core. Now, whether or not this is a chicken or egg situation, one thing for sure is that by teaching our patients to engage their core in a way that’s tailored to them, we can avoid or at least better manage back pain.

This is because of “brace positions” which are positions our body assumes to limit damage and make force transference more effective. You’ll notice:

  • you’ll hold your breathe when going from sitting to standing
  • you may stiffen when you meet force
  • go red in the face when you lift something heavy

These are all examples of you bracing. The problem is the way you’re currently bracing may be painful because your nervous system associates it with damage (pain science). So by temporarily changing the way you brace, we can create pain free movement and a cross over effect that then makes that same movement (lifting, sitting to standing etc.) pain free

Give them a go if not painful. The least it will do is help you to engage your core better

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