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How to fix an ankle strain

I’m going to turn your perception of pain on its head: You don’t know what you need to

I’m going to turn your perception of pain on its head, because most likely, it’s wrong and this can lead to more pain, more misery and more confusion. Most people think that: TISSUE DAMAGE = PAIN i.e. the more damage to your back, the more inflammation in your shoulder, the more pain. This is wrong…

“And you think you’ve got it bad?…”

Too many of us identify with our pain Many of us will even compete as to who’s had the worst spinal injury or shoulder pain etc. A common conversation may be “ah that’s nothing. When my back went I was out of work for weeks and I’m still recovering” but this outlook is completely disadvantageous…

Stretching is ok but I know something better

We all grow up with the idea that our muscles are some kind of putty that need to be pulled and twisted before and after exercising so they don’t get injured and remain supple. But actually, this is a misconception. Some individuals feel that stretching reduces muscle soreness (and if this is the case, continue)…

Tight Hip Flexors

Tight hip flexors can be the bane of desk sitters, deep squatters, avid walkers etc. I’m going to take you through the why and the how (to fix). The Why This is a simple diagram of your hip flexors. They’re all active when acting at the hip from an extended position, but the more proximal…

Pain is Danger. Pain isn’t Damage (necessarily)

This lecture by pain expert Lorimer Mosley will shed a lot of light on this topic. The principles behind this post are relevant to anyone who is in pain especially if you have been in pain for longer than 6-8 weeks (typically). The first principle is that Pain is in the brain and it exists nowhere but…

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