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Trisha Avoids Surgery with Herbal Medicine

Letter from Mr Britchfield : Transformation of Mind and Spirit

Letter from Mr Britchfield : Transformation of Mind and Spirit   I remember hearing that an X Powerlifter had started training with May. We have a lot of people come to the clinic who have been previously, extremely active… but it’s not enough.   Previous accomplishments like talent and potential need hard work and dedication…

I need your help again! But you’ll like this one

I’ll keep it super brief because I want to give you plenty of time for feedback In short, in the UK we are dying from increasing rates of: Diabetes Heart disease Dementia Stroke Cancer Which are not effecting other populations around the world in as high a number per capita.     Yet we are…

Yoga Transforms People’s Lives

Cameron Transformed my Mind whilst transforming his Mind and Body

There comes a time when you meet someone whose journey completely amazes you. Cameron has just stepped out of the ring after fighting for the first time. Impressive right? Wait for it Let’s put this into context. Children are putting on weight, eating the wrong foods and are become more sedentary at an increasing rate….

How to Stay Motivated Whilst Training | Jas Sandhu PT

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