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Back Pain | Builder Martin has Back Fixed by Osteopath


I want to ask you a question; how tolerant is your back to what you do on a daily basis?

Now if you exercise regularly, focus on good form etc, then it is quite likely that your back is very tolerant of what you put it through. However, if you are moderately active on a day to day basis or have sudden peaks in activity (for example picking your kids up, doing the house work) but don’t exercise in a controlled environment then it is likely your spine is left vulnerable and intolerant to your daily routine.

This is why exercise is great. It primes us for what we have to put it through on a day today basis. It fact, it over conditions us, making injury less likely and recovery quicker.

I don’t think Martin would have though that by coming to an osteopath he would be completing a dragon hold on his last session (see Bruce Lee below) but it is a great way to load the spine in a braced position.

The more tolerant the body and the mind are to trauma, the healthier they are. Give us a call if you have any issues. We love to help


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